Welcome to Virtual Office Assistant (Pty)Ltd.

Virtual Office and business call answering solution for your business.

Access to advanced technologies

Advanced technology features of current generation cellular phones, notebooks, computers, data cards and Wi-Fi, enables you and your staff to conduct your business from anywhere, hence the term “Virtual Offices”.

Our Virtual Office and Boardroom concept is an evolution of the “Furnished Office” industry.  The inflexibility and high cost of “furnished or services Offices” does not suit all business models.  We offer your business the flexibility to use on-demand boardroom and meeting rooms on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.

With Data card and Wi-Fi technology most modern businesses do not need to rent expensive office space to link into costly network systems: all you need to project a professional corporate business image is an advanced professional “business call answering service” and modern “boardroom facilities” in which to meet your clients, and that is exactly what Virtual Office Assistant offers your business.

Cost effective

Virtual Office Assistant provides a cost effective, pre-paid professional service that will increase your productivity and immediately enhance business image and identity. All you need to project a professional business image is an advanced professional business call answering service and modern non-branded boardroom and meeting room facilities in which to meet your clients, and that is exactly what Virtual Office Assistant offer your business.

Professional trained Virtual Office assistants

Our professionally trained virtual assistants will answer your business telephone calls, from our premises, live in your own company name.  When a call comes in, all your business information instantly appears on a computer screen in front of the virtual office assistant that answered your call.

With your client on hold, with music in the background, we will speak to you on the same line to find out if you are available to take the call.  If so, we will transfer the call to a telephone of your choice, whether your cellular phone or landline number, anywhere in South Africa, United Kingdom, United States or the world.

If you are not available to take the call, we will take a message and immediately transmit the message to you, either by email, SMS or both so you can manage and deal with your messages when it is convenient for you.

Professional business image

Our service goes far beyond just answering your phone: we create a “professional business image” and identity for you so that your business appears well established and successful from day one.

Business addresses

As a “Virtual Office” customer your business can use any of our twelve business addresses on your company business cards, letterheads, stationery, your website and advertising material.

Your business will have a dedicated team of virtual assistants to handle your business calls and messages daily.