Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use the 12 Virtual Office addresses on your:

  • Business cards
  • Letterheads
  • Website
  • Advertising material
  • Stationery

at no extra cost. It is included in your monthly Virtual Office fee.


Yes, you can at any time add new staff members to you Virtual Office and call answering service.  You can add up to 2(two) staff members on a Gold Virtual Office Profile.

If you have more than 2 staff members you need to upgrade to the Platinum Virtual Office package.  The platinum package allows for up to 6 staff members and will cost R1500,00 per month.



Yes, you can upgrade at any time. When you upgrade you only pay the difference between your current package and the package you want to upgrade to. If you add new Virtual Office users then there is a prepaid call deposit of R456,00 payable for each new user.


No, you do not need a Telkom line to make use of our professional call answering and 21st century Virtual Office services. Virtual Office will provide you with your own business telephone and fax number within 3 hours of receiving your completed application and payment.


No, we supply you with an exclusive international Fax to Email number (0866 xxx xxx) and it is included in your Virtual Office and call answering service monthly fee. No extra charges.

The standard Virtual Office and Call answering service agreement is a minimum 6 (six) month agreement.  We also offer a twelve (12) month agreement, customers that sign a 12 month agreement will get an automatic 10% discount.


Virtual Office call answer service works on a prepaid call system. You and your staff  will have a call deposit account, all calls transferred to you or your staff are deducted for the call deposit.  If there are no funds left in the call deposit account then messages will be taken and immediately emailed to your e-mail address.

Yes, if you make use of the Virtual Office and professional call answering services there is call deposit of R R456,00 payable.  The call deposit works exactly like a pre-paid system and is used for the calls that are routed from Virtual Office to your cell phone or landline. The cost of calls put through to your cell phone or land line will be deducted from the your call deposit.  If your call deposit balance gets to R50.00 our automated system will contact you via email and SMS to request that you “Top-up” your call deposit. Any credit balance on your deposit will be carried over to the next month.

Our pre-paid call system will assist you to control your business call expenses.


Once we have received your completed application form and payment the setup of your Virtual Office and professional call answering service will take  3 (three). If we receive your application before 15h00. Applications received after 15H00 will be processed before 10h00 the next working day.


No, there is no additional charge for routing your calls to your personal e-mail voice mailbox.



Your client pays for the cost of the call to Virtual office. If the call is routed to you, you will carry the cost from Virtual Office to yourself. If the call is put through to your cell phone, normal cellular rates will apply. If the call is put through to a landline then normal Telkom rates will apply.

In order for you to have control over your call expenses Virtual Office requires a call deposit of R400 00 (Plus VAT) per Virtual Office user.  Each time we put a call through to a users cell phone or landline the call amount for that call will be deducted from the users call deposit.  Once the call deposit balance reach R50, 00 the system will automatically email and SMS the user to top up their call deposit.  Any credit balance on your deposit will be carried over to the next month.

This way you and all your Virtual Office users have total control over your call expenses.
Should you decide not to top-up your call deposit and the balance reach R0,00 then Virtual Office will continue to take your calls and only take massages.  These messages will be emailed free of charge to your e-mail address.


If you do not want to a call your Virtual Office assistant will tell your customer that you are not available at the moment. She will then ask if she can she take a message. The taken message will immediately be “SMSed” or e-mailed to you.


The operator will seamlessly connect you with your customer with a press of a button.


Routing the call to you is immediate. If you want us to route your calls to your cell phone or landline, the operator will put your customer on hold with music in the background, then contact you on the same line to see if you are available to take the call or not.


We will route your call according to your specifications i.e. route your call to:

  • your specified Cell phone number given to us or,
  • a specified Landline or,
  • take massages that will instantly be SMS’ed or e-mailed to you (sms cost is R0,45 cent per standard SMS).

No training is needed to make use of the Virtual Office and professional call answering service. You will receive easy to use instructions on all the Virtual Office services available to your company. All you need is a cell phone or landline telephone number.

No special software or hardware are required to make use of our professional call answer and Virtual Office services.

Yes, all calls in business hours 08h00 to 17h00 are answered by live professional “Virtual Office Assistants” in your company name and to your specifications.

Virtual Office is a pre-paid, no hidden cost service, your business will pay the initial set-up fee of R1200.00, your first months Virtual Office fee (or pro-rata) and a pre-paid call transfer deposit of R400,00 (excl. VAT) per Virtual Office user.

Our professional call answering and 21st century  Virtual Office service  are  pre-paid services.  With prepaid services there are no hidden costs and you are always in control of your business expenses. No bills to leave you breathless at the end of the month.